Why Best Planer ranking in search engine all over the internet

If you are scouring the Internet for reviews of wood planers and you are wondering why wood planers are so popular among woodworkers all over the tool comparison website, keep reading. The reason there are so many online reviews of wood planers is because they are an important woodworking tool, which is used to scrape wood in order to give it a particular shape. Whether you want to flatten or smooth wood, or even both, a wood planer can come in handy.

Reasons Why You Should Read Wood Planer Reviews & Then Buy One

If you are serious about woodworking, then you should definitely have a planer. With a planer, you will be able to flatten or smooth pieces of wood until they have the desired thickness. Accurately parallel faces can also be created using a wood planer. You may also need a jointer to add at least one reference surface to the board.

When it comes to woodworking projects, the thickness of wood pieces tends to be one of the most important measurement. As mentioned, a wood planer can prove to be quite ideal in such cases to scrape and shave the lumber into the desired thickness.

Certain wooden furniture, as well as wooden doors and windows all need to have parallel and smooth surfaces on each side. Once again, a wood planer can prove to be ideal to achieve those.

Should You Buy A Manual Or Electric Wood Planer?

There is quite a vast selection of wood planers and if you are reading reviews about them, they will either be about manual or electric planers.

Manual Wood Planers

Manual planners are worth considering if you are on a tight budget and you want to have more control over the tool. A manual planer will enable you to shave wood with far more precision. Using a manually planer also tends to be more comfortable. In particular, it is better to use a manual planer in furniture making, especially when creating the arms and legs of chairs and tables.

Electric Wood Planers

If you can afford one, an electric planer will prove to be more powerful and it will increase your efficiency whenever you work on a woodworking project, especially bigger ones. You may even use an electric planer to remove paint off off recycled boards. Furthermore, electric wood planers can also be used for house framing, for the quick removal of material.

Using A Wood Planer Can Help Remove Wood Scratches

Over time, the surfaces of wooden furniture tend to get nicked and scratched. That does not mean that a professional wood refinisher will have to be hired so that those surfaces can be restored. There are several options for eliminating or at least minimizing the visibility of a wood nick or a wood scratch.

For instance, DIY techniques involving the use of everyday items like coffee grains, iodine, lemon juice and shoe dye/shoe polish can be used. However, none of them can restore the surface of nicked and/or scratched wood the way a wood planer can.

Imperfections like a wood nick or a wood scratch can diminish the appearance of a piece of wood furniture. It is even worse if the surface even has some dings and holes. Pieces of furniture look best when their wooden surfaces have the perfect grain and smoothness. Fortunately, a wood planer can be used to remove such imperfections. By using a wood planer, a smooth face can be revealed and a perfect wood grain surface is created.


When it comes to woodworking tools, they all have their purpose. In particular, wood planers have quite a specific purpose. Ultimately, a professional woodworker will require a wood planer, especially if need to use pieces of wood with varying thickness for your woodworking projects. However, as mentioned, wood planers can even be used for removing imperfections from pieces of lumber or wood, such as a wood nick or a wood scratch. This is why there are so many positive reviews online about wood planers and why you should be reading them.