The Importance of Computer and the Web for the Making of GPS

The making of the GPS has been successful because of the invention of the computer and the internet. The GPS system revolves around tracking radio signals, capturing them, and processing them to read navigation signals.



GPS uses the location from the satellites; computers have helped in accurate mapping of the gadget in reference to the location faster. All the other gadgets use the computer technology to help integrate the position and timing of the period at which the gadget captures the location. The World Geodetic System is in the software applications stored on the computer. The web also helps in the development of the navigation software applications since it requires the network to locate places and time.



GPS main aim is navigation. The gadget has a system integrated into the inbuilt applications to help track your movement using the gadgets with the GPS system. The web also helps provide more information related to the location. It acts as a store for content, the applications have plugins to connect to the internet and retrieve information related to the area of location. You can visit this link for more information: .

The globe has different time zones in reference to the position of the place from the Greenwich meridian- a longitude. The satellite uses both the computer and internet connection to ensure they locate the right time based on the International Date Line. The date and time are also set in the computer and used in the application. The computer senses a change in timing when there is a change in default settings; which alters the date and time of the computer. A notification pops up to change for it to continue locating the place.


Processing Navigation Signals

GPS uses the satellites distributed along the orbit at an inclined angle. The computer helps process the signals from a binary form to a readable form and finally to the alphanumeric language which can be read by a nonprofessional. The programming language- in binary form is the main signal received and the gadgets process them to be able to link to places that are marked with the numerical. Each place has a unique binary number where the signals are interpreted. Once interpreted the internet through hyperlinks helps to provide more information necessary for navigation.


The civil war has communication challenges because of the traditional military communication equipment. The invention of the computer helped merge the existing satellite communication using radio signals and designed gadgets, which could offer better communication platforms. The internet came in to connect the computers to a network for even better communication.


Currently, software developers have used the internet and expertise in the programming language to design applications, which can capture the signals from the satellites and trace their movements like the motorcycle GPS gadgets.


Manufacturers have also incorporated the knowledge to design equipment that offers timely solutions to navigation challenges. The computer and the internet have a big role in the design of the GPS gadgets. Both technologies have been incorporated in the equipment for efficiency.